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Head Coach

Glen Vaughan

Assistant Coach

Nick Tovar



DATE              OPPONENT                           TEAMS                       LOCATION                 TIME

Nov. 2              Huntington                                VG                        Away                                         5:30

Nov. 6              Good Samaritan                       VG/VB                        Home                                        6:00

Nov. 9              *Regents Academy                  VG/VB                        Home                                        6:00

Nov. 13            Burkeville                                  VG                        Home                                        6:00

Nov. 13           Good Samaritan                       VB                        Home                                        7:30

Nov. 16            Leggett                                      VG/VB                        Away                                         6:00

Nov. 19            Regents Academy                    VG/VB                        Away                                         1:00

Nov. 27            Chester                                     VG/VB                        Away                                         6:00

Nov. 29-1        Deweyville Tournament            VG/VB                        Away                                         TBA

Dec. 4              FTCA                                        VG/VB                        Away                                         5:00

Dec. 7              Chireno                                     VG/VB                        Away                                         5:30

Dec. 11            West Hardin                              VG/VB                        Home                                        6:00

Dec. 13-15      West Hardin Tournament         VG/VB                        Away                                         TBA

Dec. 18            Goodrich                                   VG/VB                        Away                                         6:00

Dec. 21            Good Samaritan                       VG/VB                        Away                                         6:00

Dec. 28            Groveton                                   VB                        Away                                         12:00

Dec. 28           Hemphill                                   VG                        Home                                        12:00

Jan. 4              Big Sandy                                VG                        Away                                        6:00

Jan. 4              FTCA                                        VB                        Home                                        7:30

Jan. 8              Zavalla                                     VG                        Home                                       6:00 Jan. 11                        Broaddus                                 VG/VB                        Away                                        6:00                                

Jan. 15            Colmesneil                              VG/VB                        Away                                        6:00

Jan. 18            West Sabine                            VG/VB                        Home                                       6:00

Jan. 22            Big Sandy                                VG/VB                        Home                                       6:00

Jan. 25            Zavalla                                     VG/VB                        Away                                        6:00

Jan. 29            Broaddus                                 VG/VB                        Home                                       6:00

Feb. 1              **Colmesneil                           VG/VB                        Home                                       6:00

Feb. 5              West Sabine                            VG/VB                        Away                                        6:00

Feb. 8              Big Sandy                                VB                        Away                                        6:00

Feb. 12            Zavalla                                     VB                        Home                                       6:00


**Senior Night

Bold Face - District Games

Girl’s Coach – Zachary Daugherty

Boy’s Coach – Glen Vaughan

Cheerleading Sponsor – Camie Hilderbrand

Superintendent/Athletic Director –

Kevin McCugh

Principal – Charlotte Odom

Assistant Principal – Ashley Powell 


2018 Brookeland Boys Varsity Roster


Senior                       Zach Rodriguez 

Junior                        Mason Loving                    13          

Junior                         JD Reaves                          24          

Junior                        Tanner West                       30

Junior                         Jerry Perkins 

Sophomore                Chet Murray                       1

Sophomore                 Shane Gary 

Freshman                   Gavin Hass 

Freshman                    Hoss Morton 

Freshman                    Griffin Mc Cormick

Freshman                    John Glenn 

Head Coach                        Glen Vaughan

Assistant Coach                  Nick Tovar 


2018 Brookeland Junior High Basketball 

0 Kyle Dockens

1 Sammy Lundquist 

2 Taylor Lakey 

3 Mac Street 

4 David Ray 

10 Cade Morgan 

11 Dalton Fabela 

12 Zach Beckett 

20 Bruce Johnson 

25 Hunter Hightower 

35 Jason Lakey 

41 Blayden Parker 


The Jr. High Boy's Basketball team played in the Etoile Tournament on September 14th and 15th.  The boy's record for the tournament was:

Lost to Douglass 22-10

Won against Chireno 10-9

Won against Etoile 11-10  

Congratulations Wildcats!

The staff of Brookeland ISD believes that ALL students can learn.  We believe that our school’s purpose is to educate all students to high levels of academic performance while fostering positive growth in social/emotional behaviors and attitudes.  We accept the responsibility to teach all students in a challenging, meaningful way that allows each child to become a literate, contributing adult.  Brookeland ISD is a center for sound learning, academic discovery, and the pursuit of wisdom through advanced course offerings, high academic standards and aggressive, innovative instruction.  The students of Brookeland ISD will excel and compete academically with any students in the country.

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