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Classroom Rules

Please be in your assigned seat and working before the tardy bell rings… NOT AFTER the tardy bell.

Please follow directions the first time they are given.

Please be respectful of the teacher, your fellow students, and school property through your words and actions. No arguing with the teacher. Concerns must be discussed privately after class or after school.

Unless I specifically say that you may have your electronics out, you must keep them away at all times. If I see or hear your device, it will be confiscated. Confiscated items will be given to the office

All work that you submit must be your own work. If you are caught cheating, you will receive a zero on that assignment, and you will be referred for discipline

Please raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking.

Please put away all books and materials that are not part of our class. If I see you are working on another class’ assignment, it will be taken. Confiscated work will not be returned to the student.

Please do not eat, drink, or groom in class.

Please keep your head off of your desk at all times.

Please be appropriately dressed upon entering class. You must adhere to the school’s dress code policy. Students in violation of dress code will be referred directly to the office.

Please remember to remain in your seat until you are dismissed by the teacher. Mrs. Gibbs dismisses you from class, NOT the bell

Welcome to English Language Arts 

6th, 7th, and 8th(B)

Blank Teacher

Katie Gibbs

Conference: 2:35 - 3:20 


Hall Passes

Students are required to be in the classroom from bell to bell. Being in the classroom is the only way that learning can take place, therefore students will not be allowed to go back to their lockers, take restroom breaks, or go to another teacher’s classroom without a teacher issued Hall Pass. Students will only be allowed to leave the class when I am not teaching. Students may leave once, but only if working quietly and/or finished the assignment. Hall passes will be strictly enforced this year, use your time between classes wisely

This year I will be starting my 6th year at Brookeland ISD, and my 11th year as an ELA teacher. Room 114 is more than just a classroom. It’s our spot to learn, to grow, to teach, and to become better readers and writers. Let’s work together to build up a positive environment with lots of energy.

                 Be respectful. Be responsible. Be successful.





Redo/Correct/Retake for 70:
If a student receives a failing grade on daily work and/or tests, the student will have the opportunity to correct the work for a better grade. 70 is the highest the student will be allowed to make on a corrected paper. Students will be given a due date : It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to redo/correct/retake the assignment and return by the due date or the grade will stay as is in the grade book.


Grades: Assignments will be divided into two categories: Daily and Test. Remember that no assignment is too small to complete.

Daily:  Count for 40%
•Bell ringers
•Exit tickets

Test: Count for 60%
•Research projects


The staff of Brookeland ISD believes that ALL students can learn.  We believe that our school’s purpose is to educate all students to high levels of academic performance while fostering positive growth in social/emotional behaviors and attitudes.  We accept the responsibility to teach all students in a challenging, meaningful way that allows each child to become a literate, contributing adult.  Brookeland ISD is a center for sound learning, academic discovery, and the pursuit of wisdom through advanced course offerings, high academic standards and aggressive, innovative instruction.  The students of Brookeland ISD will excel and compete academically with any students in the country.

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